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Hope Cards

KJIL's Hope Cards ~ Let's Share Some Hope!

It's KJIL's Year of Hope! Let's share some Hope with the Hope Cards!

Posted by KJIL Radio on Thursday, January 25, 2024

You are probably here because you received a KJIL Hope Card.  Awesome.  That means someone has done an act of kindness for you and passed along a card.  Feels pretty good right?

We would love to hear the story about how a KJIL Hope Card made its way to you.  Share your story in writing BELOW or CLICK HERE to record a story in your voice (we call it a Shout-Out). 

Now it’s your turn to spread Hope.  Take that KJIL Hope Card and pass it along when you do an act of kindness for someone else.  And if you want more KJIL Hope Cards call or text 866-480-5545 and we can send you some to spread more Hope.  

Tell us your story! How did you receive your Hope Card? Write as much as you like!
Are you over 18 years of age? (This is just for our records) *

Love One Another John 13:34.